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What My Family Really Needs This Summer

It has been on my mind a lot recently, this whole phenomenon of "we only get 18 summers with our kids, so we should spend them wisely." While I genuinely disagree with the sentiment (I'm 36 and spend more hours with my parents in the summers than I do any other time of the year) I do like the concept of being intentional as a parent, especially in summers for those of us who send our kids to school, and away from us, during the majority of the year (I'll speak to that another time.)

In thinking about intentional time with my family, and having more of it this summer, I thought about how I can do that without harping on them to follow my rules or make lists of things to do together. And here's where I landed... a digital detox.

But first: some background. I really love social media... like really. So much that any time I've participated in a Bible study on the topic, or the question has come up during an expositional reflection about "idols" (anything that may come before God in our lives) social media is often near the top of my list. I like to convince myself sometimes that social media is the best way I connect to people I don't get to see or talk to frequently, or how I share news about my family and my business. And while those are true, I could 100% do those things without the use of social media, in less time and with more actual reward. Posting pictures, reflecting on life, scrolling, seeing and learning from others has simply become a habit in my life, and one that has taken up way too much physical time and mental space.

I recently listened to a podcast that my sister sent to me titled "We Wish You Weren't On Your Phone So Much" from The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast about a digital fast...and to say it was convicting would be a gross understatement. I encourage anyone who may answer the question "do you spend too much time on your phone?" with 'yes' to listen to it and send me your thoughts. I love the idea of a digital fast or detox. Okay, wait, that's a lie. I hate the idea. But a few years back, I detoxed my body from a list of foods that cause insane inflammation -- hated it, but loved the results. So while I think a digital detox may be terrible, I also know it is exactly what my family needs this summer.

I will not be digitally detoxing our children or my husband-- I am setting no ground rules for anyone but myself. I want to see and feel the effects of my personal fast, knowing full well that it will positively impact the relationship I have with them (and my friends.)

Here's where you come in: what makes my heart ache a tiny bit is the thought of not hearing how my reflections on Micah's diagnosis and our journey with Down Syndrome has impacted you. Which is why I'm going to use the blog platform on this website to release updates. The digital fast will mainly be "dumbing" down my cell phone-- not eliminating use of my computer or watching movies with my family. So, what do I need from you? Pray for me. Text me and call me with your family updates and send me pictures that I may not catch throughout the day. When it's your birthday, your child's birthday, an anniversary or something else exciting is happening in your life, remind me. Read my updates and comment here when you feel so inclined.

I haven't determined a start date, but it'll be soon. It really should be a cold turkey, welcome to summer, lets do this now type thing. And maybe it will be.

Thanks for being along for the ride. I love you!

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

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Love this! Will be praying for you, sis! We do detox days throughout the year. Such a blessing! Much to be said about it. You won’t regret it.

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