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TeachMe to Learn thru Play

This class is the most broad option on our class list. Students who register for Learn Thru Play will participate in activities that grow their cognitive, social/emotional and physical development. This class will always include literature, math, reading and writing, movement games, lessons on social concepts and more. Class sizes are kept small in order to guarantee one-on-one instruction for individualized learning plans.

*3-7yr $49/class session 9a-12:30p **effective June 1, 2024


TeachMe to Make a Difference: A Series

Here at TeachMe, LB we know we can make a difference in this world and this series of classes will be spent doing just that. Each class will have a direct theme and way of giving back. Examples of classes in this series are: TeachMe to Make a Difference: At Home, In My Community, For Those in Need, On the Earth -and more!!

*Kindergarten-5th Grade

Free class *donation information will be sent via email before each class


TeachMe to Move 

We know that our bodies need to move in order to grow. During these classes, we will focus on different ways to do that. Move classes will be available for both children and adults. TeachMe to Move classes will be taught by guest teachers who are experts in their field of physical fitness. **Adult Move classes are currently by appointment only. Inquire by emailing or using link in menu.

*PreK-3rd currently 



TeachMe to Love Like Jesus

When I was 5 years old, I fell in love with teaching (all thanks to my Kindergarten teacher at my local private school!) When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said "a teacher who gets to teach about God" -- which I have spent the last 10 years doing! This class is designed as an extra-curricular class, where kids will come and learn about God's love and how we can be more like Him in our every day lives. Each sign up is a commitment for the month. Check current schedule for offerings. 



TeachMe to Mom

Learning, moving and growing shouldn't stop as we get older. In fact, every second of every day is an opportunity to do those things, especially for us moms. This class will meet in a fun, low-key group chat setting and will feature a local mom expert in her field. We can all learn something from each other, and this is an opportunity to do that while supporting and holding each other up. Check schedule for events and pricing. 


Writing Camp

This hour-long class is designed to keep writing skills up throughout the summer. Each class will focus on a different piece of writing: poetry, narrative, etc. This class is designed for children already in Elementary school (entering elementary school grades). 

$25/student/class **for $5 your student can stay for a 1 hour learn through play


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